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[Fwd: starship-design: HIGHLY OPTIMIZED TOLERANCE]

> >==
> >A better suggestion may be to design a "generic" logic module using modern
> >technology. I'm not suggesting a few gates on a board as in the 80s I am
> >suggesting a 32 Bit ARM processor, a DSP, 160k of program flash, 8Mbits
> >of
> >data flash, 12k of RAM, a USB port, an IRDA port, some A/D channels, some
> >D/A channels, somer general purpose IO pins. This could be built on a 2x3
> >board that uses very low current (50ma with both CPU and DSP cooking at
> >22/80 mips) at 3.0 volts using available (off the shelf) technology for
> >$20
> >a board in medium volumes at about 2 oz a board.

This idea has a lot of advantages -- standardized power supply and interface
connectors and such. When someone says, "Hey, this thing doesn't work, what do I
do?", the answer is "Swap the board," and it won't be necessary to ask "Which
one?" Color-code and polarize the connectors, and when the microwave oven goes
down, the cook could send the dishwasher to fix it.