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Re: starship-design: Re: FTL travel

In a message dated 3/14/00 8:10:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
bfranchuk@jetnet.ab.ca writes:

> FTL --- ya -- sure ... !!!
>  Right now I am waiting for a good reusable orbital launch
>  vehicle , FTL a good few more years yet, some time after
>  fusion power or cheaper anti-matter, since one does need
>  a way to power the beast.

This will work now for FTL star ship.
 <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/tjac780754/indexb.htm">Plasma Rocket Engine</

Since your waiting on earth for someone else to provide you a good reusable 
orbital launch vehicle, it would be reasonable to assume you think like NASA 
does of space ships as high flying airplanes. I think of real space ships as 
deep-space ships.

With your attitude, you will remain ground bounded referred to derogatorily 
by "deep spacers" as "a ground bounder." It would seem that the title of this 
mailing list is misnamed starship-design.

Making for the moment the silly assumption that my engine will not do as I 
claim, I propose the following open ended proposition to all list members.

Pretend we have a working engine to take to the stars at a constant one-g.

To get public funding for a star journey requires a complete package as did 
the programs for orbiting man around the earth or landing man on the moon 
prior to construction.

Pretend that soon someone will invent a working starship engine, providing 
heat, light, water artificial gravity, and a protective shell as (I claim to 
have already invented), What can this group provide as content?

Can this group fill the empty payload space with matter to say provide for a 
mixed sex crew of 20 for a simple non returning journey whose mission is a 
lifelong journey on the ship, or to a star planetoid so barren that an 
underground cave must be adapted air tight for colonization as a minimum 
requirement till crew life's end?

What would be needed as beginning supplies should they find a planet to land 
on that the crew can prosper and multiply?.

What technology exists today that you would be conformable living the 
remainder of your life in? 

Recycled garbage and human waste as food does not appeal to me, though I am 
no against feeding it to the plants and animals on the soil (for export to 
barren world) on board. What seed stock and frozen embryos and DNA clonable 
samples and soil matter reduced (not containing obtainable ground rock) ?

Assume complete independence from earth (information travels to slow between 
stars to be useful-still pretending my FTL engine not workable) so what CD's 
of library knowledge, minimal trade crafts, food, and plants, soil and 
animals would you take to the stars.

List by weight next to the item.
The total weight I or a future inventor can then use to design the engine 
specs make the engine to power such a workable mission.

Should the crew be condemned prisoners or starship--design list members or 
will I have to drag mankind to the stars kicking and screaming?

Engine aside, can you draw a working diagram of the payload system that is 
buildable with present technology or do I have to provide everything to be 

Remember the fickle public funding freaks require a complete list of items of 
a working package with no unknowns.

I expect the members of this group to have done some original homework as 
regards the above. If not then perhaps a list name change to star 
travel-is-impossible@lists.. would be appropriate.

I am not the general public and am conformable with unknowns you may provide. 
Please separate applied technology (conventional known technology) from 
theoretical (hypothesis) in your response. Please take some care with syntax 
usage (time case of past, present, future).