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Re: [Fwd: starship-design: HIGHLY OPTIMIZED TOLERANCE]

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 3/14/00 11:20:50 AM, bfranchuk@jetnet.ab.ca writes:
> >The way to do it is to keep the stress down on the components, by having
> >them
> >to work at a steady state. Being able to repair - reuse - recycle
> >components.
> >Finding a scale factor such that you are using the right size design, as
> >a larger
> >ship ( to a point ) can mean less compact items. The best way to design
> >a inter-stellar star ship is to design a inter-planetary ship as that
> >will be the
> >stepping stone to the larger ship.

> Ah, a interplanetary craft has little to nothinhg in common with a star ship?
>  How can you make one evolutionary from the other?

I you mean I can't add a warp drive to a interplanetary ship and 
leave the solar system.

I see them having many common features with each other, as only the
size, propulsion ,and length of trips really differ. A interplanetary
ship to the outer planets with a fission power plant would be about
5 years duration in 2050 compared with 10 year interstellar trip
at .5C in 2150.

We really need a interplanetary ship design section too.


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