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Re: RE: starship-design: Wirelss power transmission

In a message dated 1/25/00 7:51:49 AM, reyesfred@xoommail.com writes:

>The legalities of our setup are pretty much in good hands.  Health 
>concerns, however, are a major issue, since the mobile units are being
>worn by living beings.  That is one of the reasons I want to avoid using
>  Our "cage" is a one floor of a five story building.  The inner walls
>have been midified and grounded to provide a radio shield.  So far we have
>not had any problems with the cage itself.  The problem is finding a form
>of wireless power transmission that is not going to cook a human standing
>in the transmission beam.
>  Long range is not needed at all...the remote units will never leave the
>building.  Something like this could be used in robotics on a starship
>that won't leave the starship (repair droids, maybe) but will always be
>on...so batteries are to be avoided if not for backup power.  

If you can certify the room as RF shielded, that solves any FCC issues.  So yo
u mainly need to find a RF or magnetic induction power transfer system that 
will transfer enough power with the obstructions and distances involved, and 
see if the power level can be kept below medical risk thresholds.  If not you 
could operate the systems when humans are locked out.