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RE: starship-design: Wirelss power transmission

Would this work if I had multiple crystal receivers operating in parallel 
so that more power can be achieved?  I think I will require more than 
milliwatts.  I am not worried about any radio energy leaving the building, 
since our building has been specially built as a faraday cage.  Once, 
while working on a contained plasma, we pumped quite a bit of radio energy 
into it and got miniscule results outside the building when checking for 

My ultimate goal here is to have the remote units not require any other 
power other than that provided by the matrix as long as they remain in 
range.  If the units move out of range of the matrix, then they would 
switch to battery power.....but I do not want to rely on batteries as the 
main source of power.

Also, there are no hardrives or any other magnetic media in the remote 
units....they are composed completely of RAM and ROM (kinda like one big 
virtual drive).


"L. Parker" wrote:
 > > Old crystal radio sets were able to work without any external
 > > power (either
 > > battery or wall plug) simply by converting the transmitter's broadcast
 > > power into sound energy.
 > >
 > > If you need more power, take a look at pirate radio
 > > equipment.  Provided
 > > you stay out of the actual AM radio band (or other populated
 > > frequenccy
 > > bands,) and don't actually transmit any information, you
 > > shouldn't have to
 > > worry about the FCC.  I believe there are certain frequency
 > > ranges which
 > > are reserved for applications like this.
 > Not quite correct...There are some channels set aside for hobbyists, but
 > simply not broadcasting a "meaningful" signal will not keep you out of
 > trouble with the FCC.
 > Although frequency does relate to possible total power output, that 
does not
 > mean that you can't broadcast quite a bit of power at lower frequencies.
 > Also, the higher the frequency the closer you come to making a microwave
 > oven out of your lab, not a good place to be while working.
 > Then there is your neighbor, no matter  what frequency you think you are
 > broadcasting on, there are almost always "lobes" or sidebands (get a 
 > book on RF Radiation), if you crank up the power high enough, you will 
 > to "bleed" into your neighbors TV, radio, etc. Crank it a little higher 
 > you can actually burn his TV out. Modern solid state electronics are 
not as
 > robust as vacuum tube stuff, it takes very little to fry their 
 > innards.
 > Parker's Law: a ten dollar transistor will invariably protect a ten cent
 > fuse by blowing first...
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