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Re: starship-design: Wirelss power transmission

Fred Reyes wrote:
> My ultimate goal here is to have the remote units not require any other
> power other than that provided by the matrix as long as they remain in
> range.  If the units move out of range of the matrix, then they would
> switch to battery power.....but I do not want to rely on batteries as the
> main source of power.
> Also, there are no hardrives or any other magnetic media in the remote
> units....they are composed completely of RAM and ROM (kinda like one big
> virtual drive).

Don't forget that you need a sizable antennae for the power reception
all electronic components need to be shielded from the power microwaves.
I would not like microwaves floating around my living areas,
I'll take the rooms next to fusion plant where it is safer. :)

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