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Re: starship-design: FTL and Special Relativity

> FTL is a IMPOSSIBLE problem with Special Relativity. Has anybody really
> out Mr. Einstein's
> theories from first principles or has most people just taken his word
that that
> he is right?

First, SR is 'wrong'...General Relativity is the one of importance. As far
as whether or not GR is wrong, I don't know. One must perform experiments
to find out.
> Lucky for us somebody has questioned the math, and found a few mistakes
> Check out
> http://www.autodynamics.org/ for the theory of autodynamics. Here FTL may
> restricted to
> special cases but much more work needs to be done, to find just what
> apply and to 
> what.

Autodynamics was a theory to explain some subatomic interactions, and has
since been abandoned as it was found to be wrong. It does not replace
relativity correctly.

--Kyle R. Mcallister