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Re: starship-design: FTL and Special Relativity

"Kyle R. Mcallister" wrote:

> Autodynamics was a theory to explain some subatomic interactions, and has
> since been abandoned as it was found to be wrong. It does not replace
> relativity correctly.

A theory may be right,wrong or totally out of the ball park, but just what is
meant by the "Correct way" of replacing relativity?

To explain the Day,night and year you can have the earth revolve around the
sun or the sun revolve around the earth. But was the correct theory a better
refinement on idea of the crystal spheres? 

As AD and SR apply to space travel as I see it after about .5C

SR -  No travel past light speed.
   -  Time slows down as you reach the speed of light.
   -  Communications still limited by light speed.
   -  speed limited by mass increase of the ship.
   -  Fusion and/or propulsion  can not be improved. 

AD -  Unlikely travel past light speed.
   -  time does not slow down.
   -  communications faster than light speed may be possible.
   -  speed limited to about .7C before the ships mass starts to decay.
   -  Fusion and/or propulsion  may be improved due to a better understanding of

At less than .5C the differences between the two theories are not that great.
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