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starship-design: Interstellar Exploration Ship Design

Title: Untitled Stationery
Long ago we were discussing crew complements and structure for an Explorer class vessel and I made the suggestion that we should perhaps look to submarines for clues on the endurance of such a crew and to aircraft carriers for the rest. We all agreed that even though these weren't terribly good analogies, it seems these are the closest we have.
After watching a program last month on carrier battle group operations, I think our problem is even worse than I thought. Although I knew that in many ways a carrier was self-sufficient, it seems that in many others it is not. I was not aware of just how much resupply goes on at sea. An aircraft carrier, for all its size leaves port stuffed to the bulkheads with consumable supplies which _get this_ all have to be replaced while underway!
We are talking a six month deployment here...not six years or even sixty years. I am beginning to have serious doubts about slow ships (0.3c or less). I no longer believe it is possible to stuff enough food onboard for an Explorer class vessel. So we are back to growing it enroute. Or a MUCH faster vessel.
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