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Re: starship-design: The Case for Space

>> >> 
>> >If we speak of space, it is all okay if some colony 
>> >in Valles Marineris packs up  and moves to Tharsis Ridge
>> >(or even to Ganymede...)  ;-)
>> But then your not talking colonies, as much as mining camps.
>But just such a mining camps have a weird tendency to grow up
>into big colonies with time...

Tell it to the oil folk at Alaskas North Slope.


>> >> Same way space development funds are now being 
>> >> draw off by internet projects.
>> >> 
>> >Ahh, so I now see the source of the "Space Internet" idea...
>> ??
>I am not sure if I remembered the name properly.
>I refer to the idea expressed recently (was it by Al Gore, 
>or Dan Goldin?) of setting an interplanetary Internet
>so that data from future space probes (especially on Mars)
>can be accessible by everyone online.
>Looks like trying to divert these funds going to Internet projects
>back to space... ;-)

Must have been Vice Pres. Al Gore Goldin would know its all been on line for 

>-- Zenon