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starship-design: food in space.

KellySt@aol.com wrote:

> FOOD!!  I'm doubtful space platforms would grow their own food, being able to
> compete with Earths domestic sources in domestic markets?!!  No way!

But at what cost to the earth's resources is the current domestic sources?
A acre of rain forest is cut down for $2.00 profit after the after 5 years is
worth less.
Plastic and motor fuel is cheap, just pump the stuff free out of the ground,
taxes. The last thing I want to see is real society like that of the typical
"Future Sci-fi"
movies with a Few Super high tech people having "slaves" do everything for them,
in a collapsed

Space could be very profitable for a few, as automated devices replace people,
in some sci-fi movies. 100% profit as no workers to pay and materials free. To
bad nobody
has any money to buy the products.
The real variable is transportation costs and the level of technology used and
the environment.
A space platform could be so automated that people are not needed. A space hotel
still have prime rib steak brought from earth. "Today's special 'prime rib of
rabbit'" does 
not quite cut it for $10,000 for the room rates. A L5 space station how ever
would make 
"Farming community" as transportion would be something like the colonization of
new world from the old world.


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 We borrow it from our children.