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Re: starship-design: The Case for Space

"L. Parker" wrote:
> The article included below set me to thinking. I have lately been exploring
> several current trends and how they relate to the case for space access.
> Please read the article and the ideas below it before you respond.
> =========+=========+=========+=========+=========+=========+=========+==
> World's wealthiest 16 percent uses 80 percent of natural resources

Our economy is based on greed of the disposable resources and the society does
not require
community living (an illusion) to survive. I want access into space as a option
to where I live
or work,Earth or Space. Your arguments are better for cleaning up our
environment rather
than space access, both things that need our (mankind's) energy. Access into
space will force
the realization of communities needing to share again because of the scarce
"Green" resources
in space,providing we can reduce the "automation" in and around the space
The lower level of technology into space the better. I don't want my access
limited into space
because of QM37 mega-transitor that's on the  cutting edge of stupidity.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
 	Albert Einstein