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starship-design: Spudnick 1

A unmanned orbital craft with a payload of 200lbs is a tad
 small for the profitable SOT market. I guess I will have to
 scale up to a crew of 4 adults with auto pilot and corner
 the SPOK (Standard Personal Orbital Kraft) market. :)

 With new designs for orbital craft their is no doubt
that space access will be accessible to the the public.

I think for myself I am a little frustrated with the 
fact much of the environment around us is controlled by 
Big Corporations and you don't have much freedom of what
goes on with the design of stuff around you.(How do you
have a garden patch if the house contractor has decided
to put cement around your house.)

 Space access is the last free place left and and I would not like my access to
it hindered by Big Brother is my worry for the moment.

 Because space is unforgiving it will require man and the life web around him to
have a very strong sense of community, something that
people with power and wealth often  forget. That is why I am
glad the small companies are starting into space,as long as the
don't get too big and forget about people and life.

The other reason I chose that size it is easy for me
to visualize and keep in proportion. 
Looking at the Rotory Rocket craft for example
this is something I can say to myself "I can use them as a transport
and have my cargo treated with respect, not just another packet
lost in the hold."