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Re: Re: starship-design: Fwd: Space tourist projections for 2030

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> Bit of an artical opn space tourism.  Interesting artical
>> if you want to check out the URL.
>> Kelly
>  That is a lot of travel out there or Up there by 2030.
> Is the monolithic system of current space design
> to ridged to work is my question for the day.

Design?  No.  There are plenty of designs that could handel the trafic 
easily.  Space access proposal to NASA to replace shuttle with it (did I 
forward that to the group?)  had a cargo cap to orbit that could take up 
about 40,000 pounds to orbit at a shot.  That should comfortably bring up 100 
folks at a time.  One craft could fly a couple times a week.  Say 15,000 - 
20,000 a year per craft?  It adds up.

> Thinking about this quickly and all the plans I have seen
> call for big space hotels. Giving a transport shuttle
> a crew of 2 and 14 passengers or a cargo mass
> 2500 lbs with a heavy launch booster for the hotel ==

Thats WAY too small for a maned launch vehical!

> this does seem to me the wrong way to go because the overall
> scale is too large. Hotel chain X builds a hotel
> in space but can't adapt to a new market ( made in 
> space yo-yo's  for example  ) because the it is scaled 
> up for something else.
> Big projects want bigger boosters, that can't be tested.
> No private group has the vision for a long range goals
> and the large groups consider this too small a investment
> return.
> I think we need to create the market now for everybody
> and have payloads ready in sync with the launch vehicles.

Probably much more trouble from the government (i.e. NASA) working to 
suppress things.  NASA has always been hostile to competitors.