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starship-design: Urly-Bird.com LIT site.

Hi all,

Lately there has been some concern that the LIT urly-bird site might have
to go to data heaven.  There is no need worry.  My web hosting business is
not going very well, and I have shut it down.  But I will be keeping the
domain name, and I will continue to pay the server fees.

As long as I have a web server, LIT will have a site.

This is my gift to the group.  I have been very busy of late with my other
passion (the Libertarian party of Minnesota) I meant to reply on-list to
these concerns, but instead, sent it directly to Kelly.  D'Oh!  Kelly has
volunteered to do a little work on the web site, and if anyone else would
like to help him, I'm sure he would appreciate it.  Since it is my web
site, you will have to get the password from me.