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starship-design: Fwd: Re: starship design

As to your "The fastest rocket that can be created is a an antimatter rocket" 
thats a bit inaccurate.  The fastest possible exaust velocity yes, but the 
fastest rocket statment assumes some engineering considerations.  How much 
does the engine weigh?  The fuel tanks?  How much fuel can you carry?

Just a nit.


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The fastest rocket that can be created is a an antimatter rocket in most
If you wish a better performance then is provided by non relatavistic
fusion rockets,
this is best done with a type of antimatter rocket called a pion rocket.
This pion rocket mixs protons, and antiprotons in equal quantitys, and
annhilates them creating pi
mesons which are expelled through a magnetic nozzle at .94 of light
speed. I have designs for pion rockets. I also have designs for nuclear
electric rockets which generate
a beam of relatavistic protons or ions with particle accelerators, and
expell it to propell themselves.
Timothy j mayes

These proton rockets may have exchaust  velocitys of 90 percent of light
speed or more.
Timothy J. Mayes

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