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starship-design: Re: starship design

> From: Janice Davis <jdavis@crcom.net>
> To: KellySt@aol.com
> Subject: Re: starship design
> Date: April 16, 1999 7:33 PM
> The fastest rocket that can be created is a an antimatter rocket in most
> cases.
> If you wish a better performance then is provided by non relatavistic
> fusion rockets,
> this is best done with a type of antimatter rocket called a pion rocket.
> This pion rocket mixs protons, and antiprotons in equal quantitys, and
> annhilates them creating pi
> mesons which are expelled through a magnetic nozzle at .94 of light
> speed. I have designs for pion rockets. I also have designs for nuclear
> electric rockets which generate
> a beam of relatavistic protons or ions with particle accelerators, and
> expell it to propell themselves.
> Timothy j mayes
> These proton rockets may have exchaust  velocitys of 90 percent of light
> speed or more.
> Timothy J. Mayes

Being a great fan of autodynamics ( but lacking great math skills )
I wonder if .94 C is the best escape velocity. If I remember right from the
web site, anything over about .75C the momentum of the particle decreases
so thrust would be lost after that point. Other than that it sounds great.