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starship-design: administrivia: list policy update

Appended below is the latest list information that new
subscribers will get when subscribing to the list or that you can 
get by mailing the command "info starship-design" to

The main changes are some more explicit guidelines for posting
(messages should be less than 40,000 characters and not contain
binary or HTML attachments), and the addition of a paragraph
describing conditions under which I may unsubscribe list members.
I have occasionally had to unsubscribe addresses that began
rejecting list postings persistently; in such cases if the
address is bouncing mail then there's not much point to it being
on the list and I have no way to contact the person at that
address to let them know.

The other clause about unsubscribing list members who are
excessively disruptive to the list is one that I hope never to
have to invoke.  I want to emphasize that I did not add it
because of anyone's past activity on the starship-design list;
this mailing list is one of the most civil and consistently
intelligent lists I have been on and you are an excellent group
of people.  However, as the list grows in size the possibility of
such behavior increases, and I want to be able to make sure that
the list remains topical and pleasant for its current and new

[Last updated on: Thu Apr 15 10:45:30 1999]
Welcome to the starship-design mailing list!

This mailing list is for anyone interested in the practical
realities of interstellar travel.  It is an outgrowth of David
Levine's Lunar Institute of Technology web site, particularly the
College of Starship Design section.  The original forum hosted at
that web site centered around the development of a hypothetical
manned mission to the Tau Ceti star system by the year 2050.  The
current web page is at:


Although clearly there is much speculation involved in the
development of future technology, this mailing list is
practically oriented and proposals should be justifiable using
presently-known engineering techniques and scientific knowledge.
Proposals involving highly speculative topics such as FTL
(faster-than-light) propulsion or novel energy generation
techniques will be treated quite skeptically by list members.

To subscribe, mail to majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu and put the
following line in the body (NOT the subject line) of your

subscribe starship-design <your email address>

Be sure to use your fully-qualified, correct email address when
subscribing.  If you use your correct email address in your
subscription request, then you should shortly receive a message
at that address with information on how to confirm your
subscription.  You must return the confirmation as instructed to
complete your subscription.  You will not be subscribed until
your confirmation is received by majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu.

To unsubscribe, mail to majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu and put the
following line in the body (NOT the subject line) of your

unsubscribe starship-design <your email address>

To successfully unsubscribe you must specify the same email
address you used when you subscribed.

List postings for starship-design should be sent to
starship-design@lists.uoregon.edu.  In order for a posting to be
automatically distributed to the list, it must be sent from the
address that you have subscribed under.  Postings from addresses
not on the subscriber list will be sent to the list owner for
manual approval.  Postings should be under 40,000 bytes in size;
postings over that size must be manually approved by the list
owner.  Postings should not contain HTML or binary attachments;
if you believe such an item would be of interest to list members
please post a reference to where the item can be obtained on a
web page or FTP site rather than posting the item to the list.

The list owner reserves the right to unsubscribe list members
with persistent mail delivery problems, typically those for whom
list postings bounce for more than a few days.  The list owner
also reserves the right to unsubscribe members who are
persistently disruptive to the list.  Examples of such disruptive
behavior include but are not limited to "spamming" off-topic
material to the list, flooding the list with messages with the
intent of inconveniencing the list members, or repeated personal
attacks against other list members.

If you encounter difficulty in subscribing or unsubscribing, or
have other questions about the starship-design list and its
operation, email to owner-starship-design@lists.uoregon.edu for
further assistance.

Archives of this list organized by month of posting are at: