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starship-design: Re: Re: starship design

In a message dated 4/23/99 6:37:20 PM, jdavis@crcom.net writes:

>The pion  decay process works as follows . Pions decay first into muons,
>then into
>electrons and positrons, and then into gamma rays. by the time the gamma
>rays appear the pions, and so on will no longer be inside the engine at
>all. =

Good point, the shielding would need to be more extensive since the 
gamasource wouldn't be in a small area of the ship.

>==Remember the magnetic nozzle is superconducting. The nozzle will be
>cooled by a cooling jacket of liquid helium.

Super conductors are vulnerable to radiation or high current loads.

>All the magnetic field does inside the nozzle is deflect, and  focous
>the pions into an exchaust beam.

That is the thrust transmition mechanism to the ship.

>The transmission of thrust is the result of Newtons third law which
>states that for every action there is an equal, and opposite reaction.

That doesgethr it the ship,it  gets it into  pion stream.  I.E. the kinetic 
energy of particals going one way is balenced by those going the other.  It 
does NOT get thrust into the ship.

>The magnetic field does not propell the
>ship the expulsion of the  pions does this by the third law. The
>strength of the pion engine nozzle magnetic field is 10 teslas which is
>100,000 gauss