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Re: Re: starship-design: build it now...

> From: KellySt@aol.com
> >===Is what we really want, a super cannon so cheap to
> > build that Mauritania can have all the satellites it 
> > wants? The threshold for non shall we say governmental 
> > institutions, e.g. gangs, to have hypervelocity artillery, 
> > is crossed long before the smallest nations put up their 
> > peaceful scientific payloads. ==
> Interesting.  That was the same logic the White House and DOD used to stop 
> funding of low cost launcher studies. The high cost of access to space keeps 
> the lessor natinos and groups out of the big guys battle space. NOt the best 
> reason in the world to lock a frountier.
I fully agree with Kelly here.

Sorry for possible breach of netiquette with such an "one-liner",
but I have thought it important to state my opinion on this issue.

-- Zenon Kulpa