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Re: Re: Re: starship-design: build it now...

>> From: KellySt@aol.com
>> >===Is what we really want, a super cannon so cheap to
>> > build that Mauritania can have all the satellites it 
>> > wants? The threshold for non shall we say governmental 
>> > institutions, e.g. gangs, to have hypervelocity artillery, 
>> > is crossed long before the smallest nations put up their 
>> > peaceful scientific payloads. ==
>> Interesting.  That was the same logic the White House 
>> and DOD used to stop funding of low cost launcher 
>> studies. The high cost of access to space keeps 
>> the lessor natinos and groups out of the big guys 
>> battle space. Not the best 
>> reason in the world to lock a frountier.
>I fully agree with Kelly here.
> Sorry for possible breach of netiquette with such 
> an "one-liner", but I have thought it important to
> state my opinion on this issue.
> -- Zenon Kulpa

Thank you.

Actually the logic kinda scares me the more I think about it.  Don't built 
the space craft because it could be misused.  The same logic would have 
canceled aircraft, household cleners, computers.  Worries me when that kind 
of attitude gets seriously listened to in areas of power.