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starship-design: Re: Dark Matter


>I think what you are referring to is negative matter which is distinct from
>antimatter. I think Kramer has written a paper on it and so has Forward.

I'm not sure if you mean negative mass along these lines:


But if so, my stuff is very different.  The only difference between my 
"dark" matter and regular matter is the temporal orientation of the 
boundary condition.  Masses are still positive; it's just that now 
"causes" lie in the future, which has all sort of confusing logical 

The only place I have ever seen this idea mentioned is in a 1996 book by 
Huw Price (ref. 9 in my online paper).  I've discussed the origin of the 
concept with Dr. Price, and he claims it is his own idea, and that he 
has yet to see it appear elsewhere in the literature.  But Price didn't 
go into the details; just mentioned it as a possibility.

BTW, even if this idea is right, it's of doubtful utility for spaceship 
propulsion...  I calculate a universal intensity of about 10^-8 Watts/cm^2.