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starship-design: Public apology to Steve

I want all of you to hear this, and especially Steve:

I must apologize for what I said in my reply to Steve's email. I was
pretty out of line, mainly due to the fact that someone very close to me
is near death from cancer. No matter, I wish to clarify something I said
earlier: it wasn't my conclusion that the experiment indicated
relativity was wrong...I didn't really understand how it applied to
relativity at all. It was interesting, but to tell you the truth, didn't
seem to affect it one way or another. I was told that Dr. Guillen said
it did disprove relativity. If it does, that is very interesting. I
would be very interested in knowing how to modify it to work with the
results. If it doesn't affect relativity, okay too. As for my FTL
experiment, I posted this because I get excited about things like that.
This subject of light, and time, and FTL, and such, is very near and
dear to my heart, so to speak. When I get a concrete design working, I
will tell you how to build one, so you can make it work too. I want you
to see it. Maybe it isn't matter, but it is still fascinating! Steve, I
don't know if you meant to insult me or not in your email. The one you
just sent didn't seem insulting, and in fact it was right. I shouldn't
have posted about my experiment until I was ready to share it. I ask you
all to forgive me. Steve, I said many things in my reply that I
shouldn't have. I apologize, and ask that you also forgive me.

Now, lets get back to business. Has anyone heard anything interesting
that is applicable to SSD? In my opinion, we need to get to work on
something, be it a fast ship or slow ship. As far as it being
economically feasible, right now it won't be. So deciding whether a
slowship or fastship would be useful isn't too workable. Do we plan to
present these designs to someone in a year or two, or should we just
work on this? In any case, lets design something.

Best regards,
Kyle R. Mcallister