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RE: starship-design: Dark Matter

> Well, actually...
> I don't know if anyone remembers me going off about time-reversed matter
> a few years back, but I've kept thinking about it.  In fact, I've
> written a full paper summarizing my ideas.  The basic motivation is to
> give the universe the same symmetries that the laws of physics already
> have.  The basic conclusion is that a large portion of dark matter
> should be time-reversed photons (with a future boundary condition, or
> "cause", rather than the normal past boundary condition).  If I'm right
> (which I'm almost certainly not) these photons would interact with
> normal matter in a very strange fashion, releasing energy when they hit.
> I've devised an experiment that's capable of proving me wrong, but apart
> from that there's no objective difference between this work and a lot of
> crazy cosmology out there, so I don't expect anyone to take me too
> seriously.

I think what you are referring to is negative matter which is distinct from
antimatter. I think Kramer has written a paper on it and so has Forward.

Lee Parker