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Re: starship-design: money, Fermi, etc.

"Curtis L. Manges" <clmanges@worldnet.att.net> wrote:
>     Sorry, but I seem to have started a fight with my use of the word
> "budget." Let me make two incontrovertably true statements which
will, I
> hope, help put the matter in perspective:
>         STATEMENT 1:  The construction of a starship will require the
> work of a great many people for a very long time.
>         STATEMENT 2:  These people have to eat.
Oh yeah?!? 8)
>     The very brief mentions of time warps and space warps got me
> thinking in another direction: gravity control. How much do we now
> about gravity, really? Anyone?
Oh, warp... the graal of space travel... 8)
Actually, we almost don't know anything about gravity.
We can calculate the effects, but we don't know how it's doing it.I
think that the most popular hypothesis is gravitons(a small
particules), but we haven't catched one yet... Do you know any other

BTW, is gravity travelling at c, more, less, or instantaneously?? 

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