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Re: starship-design: money, Fermi, etc.

In a message dated 2/10/99 8:11:39 PM, clmanges@worldnet.att.net writes:

> As miserable as it is to consider this, I had to wonder if
>one possible answer to Fermi's question is that those other folks out
>there could never launch because they could never settle the question of
>who would pay for the project.

The big problem with all the suggested Fermi paradox answers is - everybody?
  obeys the quarenteen?
  blow themselves up?
  loses interest and degenerates into VR junkies?
  never figures out a way to pay for it?

Whatever you suggest, it has to be stageringly effective to eliminate every
member of every possible species.

>    The very brief mentions of time warps and space warps got me
>thinking in another direction: gravity control. How much do we now know
>about gravity, really? Anyone?

Well not much really.  Nor do we really understand kinetic energy, inertia,
mass or a lot of other pretty basic stuff.  Some groups at NASA are pushing
the idea that physisys should be nuged to look into this and come up with some
ideas (usable loop holes would be good too).

>Keep looking up,