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Re: starship-design: Autodynamics, relativity, etc.

N. Lindberg wrote:

> As to your next comment about relativity
> being falsified, we already know both theories are "wrong" because they
> are classical descriptions of a decidedly quantum world.  GR will
> eventually (hopefully) be seen as the classical solution to some kind of
> guage field theory.  

Yes, the search for quantum gravity. So far, it hasn't gone well. The
thing is, it would definitely be simpler if a background rest frame of
absolute time were reintroduced. But how do you measure it?! It would
also explain FTL effects, but they would likely have to be Lorentz
variant instead of invariant to travel WRT this "frame." If they do,
then by sending an object in one direction faster than light, you
*might* be able to determine how fas we move WRT the hypothetical rest
frame. But who knows. If I had something that could go FTL, I would try
it out ;)

> Also, what is the "EPR" effect?

EPR = Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen effect. It is somewhat difficult to
explain, and would take up too much bandwidth here. If anyone besides
Nels is interested in knowing what it is, email me, and I will explain
it. You can't transfer meaningful information with it though...be aware
of that. Nels, I'll send you an email tommorow.

Kyle R. Mcallister