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Re: starship-design: Fermi, again . . .

> ==Just got the percolation theory paper today, and it 
> doesn't seem to account for the comparative density 
> of stars closer to the center of the galaxy, as opposed 
> to where we are, out closer to the rim. This could be a
> factor to consider. Colonization has a purpose, after all;
> it's a search for more living space and/or resources, 
> and those are going to be more abundant and therefor 
> easier to get to at the center; there will be more
> choices within a given radius of home.

Actually it works out just the opposite.  In the galactic core the stars are
all first generation.  Nothing but hydrogen and helium.  Its only the newer
star systems out here, which have a relativly full periodic table worth of
elements making up the solar system.