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RE: RE: starship-design: RE: Bugs again

> I do not have in mind our "normal" broadcasts:
> first, they are undirected and low power (as others pointed out,
> practically undetectable at interstellar distances), and they are
> at most 50 ly away now, so we have still some time left
> to work of being more fit...
> I thought about intentional, narrow-beam broadcasts
> (using our radar equipment) aimed at particular stars,
> especialy close ones. I consider it silly,
> equally as putting a plaque on Voyagers with coordinates
> of our solar system.

Ahh, a light dawns...quite correct. A typical phased array radar system puts
out a sufficiently collimated narrow spectrum beam to be seen from a LONG
ways away. Thankfully, at the moment most are being used in frequencies
which don't even penetrate atmosphere, but not all of them. A collimated,
narrow band beam is quite different and actually more powerful than the
nuclear explosion in my example and MIGHT be seen as far away as fifty light