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Re: starship-design: Power - T.E.M.I

On Sat, 8 Aug 1998, Timothy van der Linden wrote:

> Jonathan,
> Why did your friend want to inform this mailing list of his experiment
> while it still is in a premature phase (it has been running only 3 weeks)?
> This list can't function if we can't have more exact data or theory.
> The availability of infinite obtainable energy in a small container would
> make a large part of the subjects of this list useless. This is not a
> problem, however such devices need more backup than a single university
> friend who "believes" that it will work. Only freedom of information (if
> necessary through a patent) about the device will serve as enough backup.
> This mailing list can't function in any other way.
> If your friend merely did want to ask how he could avoid rapid cooling of
> the device in space, then the answer is simple: Insulation.
> But of course the propulsion system we need should release enough energy
> per second to accelerate a heavy starship. The heating of the device would
> only be a fraction of the power compared to the power needed for acceleration.
> Timothy
Besides, as I've understood it most Starships would have trouble with
overheating (from all the waste heat of equipment and propulsion systems
on board) because of the lack of a medium to carry the internal termal
energy into space, rather than with "deep-freezing" anyway...