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Re: starship-design: Power - T.E.M.I

This is what he wrote, not me:
" I know what my device does. My bud sees major potential 
and just because I never learned advanced physics, or whatever, 
doesn't mean that I can't make it work. In answer to your points. 
((A)). No it is not a battery. 
((B)). The wires do not touch the rods. 
((C)). As far as I know, it will last indefinitely.
((D)). Thanks for the little equation on V and A and stuff but I use a
handheld voltmeter bought from an  electronic shop on the corner 
because I spent all my dough building the device.  
((E)). The TEMI is the DRIVE. The Hyronoline Tank is the POWER 
Also, the tank is as real as you or me. It is not a hoax. 
It has been running for three and a half weeks and 
doesn't show any sign of stopping. At present, I think that raising 
the temperature of the fluid may yield more energy."

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