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Re: starship-design: Suspended Animation

Hi Jonathan,

No, this wouldn't happen. The maximum age of an organisms depends upon 
the number of cell cycles possible for each different tissue. For 
example, a cell from a human lung can only divide up to 50 times. If you 
cultivate lung cells in a cell culture and deep-freeze them (in liquid 
nitrogen) after their 25th cycle (let's say, for 5 years), they will 
continue with cycle Nr. 26 when you thaw them up again - and will 
continue to grow at the same speed as before. For the cells, nothing has 
happened when they were frozen.


>   I may be asking to many questions, but has anyone ever seen
>Forever Young. The guy is frozen then accidentally brought back;
>afterwards, his age catches up to him. Would this actually happen?
>Age catching up to you, I mean.

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