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Re: Re: starship-design: Suspended Animation

In a message dated 5/23/98 6:27:32 PM, Shealiak@XS4ALL.nl wrote:

>>Would this actually happen? Age catching up to you, I mean.
>Well, what do you think? You must have some ideas that are pro and/or
>against it? Doesn't the movie give a plausable explanation?
>What age do you mean anyway: Mental or physical? (I didn't see Forever
>As far as I know physical aging is mainly caused by some genecodes (or
>something like that) which count down untill they stop producing certain
>proteins. These proteins are needed for regeneration and renewal of cells.
>Note that the research for stopping the countdown of counting-genes may be
>even more productive than suspended animation.

There has been some serious medical speculation about genetically altering the
clock, or in techniques to reset it to a younger age.  If the cells think they
are age X, they will regrow the body to match a person of that age.