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RE: starship-design: Numbers needed for Colonization


In response to your 21:00 17-05-98 letter:

>Actually I was just trying to illustrate the point that "children" are quite
>comfortable supervising the operation of electronics. Since this is mostly
>what will be required, even children will be valuable on the frontier. After
>all, its not like we are sending them out with a horse and a mule...

Hmm, I see what you are trying to say. We could have many routine but
slightly changing and difficult to automate jobs.

While supervising equipment may be such a job, I don't think it would be of
much use to let children supervise it: If the equipment is critical then
one wouldn't trust a child with such a responsibility, and if the equipment
isn't critical then it wouldn't have to be supervised continuously.

However children may actually help do similar tasks as they've done for a
long time: Help prepare food, do cleanup chores and help doing many routine
but often slightly changing jobs either at home or in laboratories and