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RE: starship-design: Aircraft Carriers

Well, the one caveat I have on this is that it probably depends on the
velocity and the design of the starship.  In some combinations I can picture
the external environment of a starship being an extremely hazardous place.
Radiation being the main thing I can think of.

As far as ease of repairs - if a carrier breaks down, no one's life onboard
is threatened.  If a sub breaks down, in certain situations it can be life
threatening.  Repairs on a sub stranded underwater (admittedly not very
likely) are a lot harder than repairs on a stranded carrier.

I was thinking that the repairs on a starship in motion are difficult and
critical and hence are more akin to repairs on a sub than a carrier.
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> >But are they?  I thought we had decided that the conditions in a sub were
> >closer to the conditions one should expect in a starship than the
> conditions
> >on a carrier would be.  More cramped, more cut-off, repairs while
> underway
> >more difficult, etc.
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> >David Levine 
> Hey none of my designs were cramped!  ;)  Certainly if you want a sane
> crew
> after a couple decades they need some space.  Certainly going out and
> doing
> repairs on a starships easier then a sub or ship.  comunication time lag
> would
> get bad, but at least heavy bandwidth would be avalible.
> Kelly