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Re: starship-design: stuff

Hmm...  that sounds cool.  But wouldnt time seem seamless for a civilization
that was doing that?  It's kinda like that problem where the guy said he
couldnt walk across the dance floor to his girlfriend cause he would have to
walk half the distance, then half of that, and then half of that...  he would
never get there.  But he never stops moving.  That is interesting.  Obviously
that assumes that the equipment used to start and stop the processes would be
almost perfect, or else there would be an end to us.  right?  If it was
perfect, then we would kinda go on forever, huh?  It wouldnt be much fun
though, I bet..


I'm not sure about this one.  Is it true that everything has a halflife when
it comes down to it, and that everything will break down?  If that was true,
then it might pose a problem too...  I mean, a block of rock floating in space
will decay, right?  Or a hydrogen atom..  will it not decompose into protons
and electrons?

Still, it's a cool idea!

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