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Re: starship-design: stuff

On Sat, 10 Jan 1998, Christoph Kulmann wrote:

> All this is controlled by several "clocks" inside our brains. If you 
> destroy these clocks, an organism would live without even the very 
> FEELING of time - it would live in a permanent PRESENT. 
I beleive that the bodies processes are governed by when they must be
done(i.e. you only breathe when you need more air, your heart only beats
when body parts require more blood, etc.).  However, I do intend to
perform an experiment to confirm or deny my theories.  I propose locking a
person, alone, in a room for a day.  This room would be very plain, empty
of any furniture except a chair and table, and there would be a large
clock on the wall.  The clock would be slowed so that 1 of it's seconds
would pass for every two outside.  If a person where in such a situation,
it would be easy for them to adjust and perceive time at a slower rate.
It would be a most interesting experiment.  TTYL!

Paul Anderson
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