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RE: starship-design: sorry about last email

>> Hey, I thought someone did this with frogs or something a few years ago? 
>> Not my area, anyone remember?
>I do not know about such (successful) experiments conducted by people.
>But certain frogs make it routinely all by themselves -
>becoming frozen for the winter and waking healthy in the spring 
>(sometimes even after several years). They have physiological
>adaptation for that - among others, special substances 
>in body cells preventing crystalization of ice (which would lead  
>to disruption of cell structure). So, in theory it is not impossible.

A few weeks ago I saw a TV program about life in the Arctic. It told about
fish living there in water several degrees below zero. If I remember
correctly these fish had proteins that prevented ice crystals from becoming
too large to be destructive (small crystals did form though). The fish were
still able to swim, but like most Arctic underwater organisms try to save