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                    Space Access Update #78  11/6/97
                 Copyright 1997 by Space Access Society

     Space Visionary, Rocket Pioneer G. Harry Stine Dies At 69

It is with great sadness I report that G. Harry Stine died suddenly at
his home the afternoon of Sunday, November 2nd, 1997.  Harry's wife
Barbara came home Sunday evening and found him by his word processor.
He had been fine the night before and when Barbara left for a horse show
that morning; cause of death is believed to be a stroke or heart attack.

Harry was a space visionary and a hard-headed rocket engineer too, the
author of more than fifty books of science fact and fiction, a lifelong
private pilot, "The Father of Model Rocketry", a kind cheerful and
selfless gentleman who feared neither man nor bureaucrat, a loving
husband and father of three, and a key figure in bringing the concept of
radically cheaper space transportation to its current respectability.

Harry had three books due out soon - a revised paperback version of last
year's "Halfway To Anywhere", an updated version of his "Handbook For
Space Colonists" now called "Living In Space" that's just hitting the
stores, and an updated version of his seminal work on space development
"The Third Industrial Revolution", just shipped off to his publisher.

Services for Harry will be held Friday November 7th at 2 pm, at Grimshaw
Bethany Chapel, 710 West Bethany Home Road in Phoenix.  Harry's family
has asked that people not send flowers, but rather make donations to a
scholarship fund that will be set up in his name.  Send checks to:

     The G.Harry Stine Space Pioneers Memorial Fund
     c/o Bill Stine
     6012 E Hidden Valley Drive
     Cave Creek AZ 85331

Harry was an advisor, a mentor, but above all a friend.  I'll miss him
more than I know how to put down in words.  We all will.

                                        - Henry Vanderbilt


 Space Access Society

 "Reach low orbit and you're halfway to anywhere in the Solar System"
                                        - Robert Anson Heinlein