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starship-design: administrivia

Just a small note to current subscribers (or something to pass on to
potential subscribers):

Majordomo on lists.uoregon.edu has been upgraded to version 1.94.4.
This has gone quite smoothly, and probably you won't even notice the
changes.  However, there is one significant user-visible change for
people who are subscribing or resubscribing to starship-design.

When you subscribe to starship-design by sending the command "subscribe
starship-design" to majordomo@lists.uoregon.edu, instead of being
immediately subscribed, you will receive a confirmation message from
Majordomo with instructions on how to confirm your subscription.  The
subscription will not take effect until the confirmation is sent.  This
helps prevent the possibility of people forging subscriptions to mailing
lists using other people's addresses (an increasingly common problem).

As a result of my work on the upgrade I also now know a few more
Majordomo tricks, including how to set it up to accept postings from
people who want to post from more than one address but subscribe at only
one address.  If you're one of the people who has had difficulty getting
your posting address and subscription address to match, let me know