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starship-design: Re: sites

In a message dated 10/10/97 12:48:39 PM, you wrote:

>By the way, you have one of the coolest sites on the web. Keep up the good
>we drasticly need a champion for exploration and expotation of the solar
>(I need a spelling checker on my e-mail!) I have long argued that the earth
>just the starting point for our species. I don't carry much influence, but
>needs to try. I look forward to the expansion of your site. If you like I
>send you a poem I wrote about the subject. I wrote it to protest the apathy
>our government towards space exploration. 

Thanks.  Gland you liked the site.

Yeah the public isn't very space interested, so the gov treats it as a works
program for their districts.  NASA geting pretty bad at working more to
control space, rather then opening it.  On the other hand industrial intrests
are driving a lot of work towadr low cost launchers, and the military has
gotten interested in developing spaceplanes for their purposes.  With two
powerfull interest groups like that pushing, things will move.

Send the poem, I'll forward it to the group.