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Re: RE: Re: starship-design: Battleship galactica?

In a message dated 10/9/97 7:06:32 AM, lparker@cacaphony.net wrote:

>On Saturday, October 04, 1997 1:13 AM, KellySt@aol.com 
>[SMTP:KellySt@aol.com] wrote:
>> As a nit, even unadvanced animals could pose a MAJOR danger.  Did you
>> know
>> some folks think T-Rex's might have hunted in packs?
>> First rule of old explorers.  Where ever you go, bring a BIG gun!  ;)
>I wasn't suggesting that prudent weaponry wasn't a good idea, just pointing 
>out that 100 gigajoule grasers weren't likely to be needed in our LOCAL 
>area. If you want armament on an exploration vessel, I would agree that it 
>might be wise, just in case.

Agreed.  Just pointing out the ground craft should probably look more like
APC's then dune buggies.  ;)

>However, I still think that we should be able to detect anything we are 
>capable of successfully fighting at interstellar distances, and anything we 
>can't detect is either too primitive to worry about, or so advanced we 
>might as well not bother.

Look at the bright side.  Anything advanced wandering into the area will see
earths radio and power grid noise a LONG way out.  So if they are hostile
they'ld head for here, not the target starsystem.


>Lee Parker