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RE: RE: starship-design: Drag

On Wednesday, October 08, 1997 11:46 PM, KellySt@aol.com 
[SMTP:KellySt@aol.com] wrote:
> In a message dated 10/6/97 9:52:02 AM, david@actionworld.com wrote:
> >Maybe this is a reference to the sponge-like 3-d maps drawn of galaxy
> >positions?  Sounds like it. Of course, if that's what were talking about
> >here then it's not useful for a scoop-drive.  We're talking very
> >different scales.
> No I have heard that Sol is inside part of a 800 light year bubble thined
> down by a super nova blast a few centuries back.

Correct, except it was a little farther back than that...