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Re: Re: starship-design: Battleship galactica?

In a message dated 10/2/97 3:59:47 PM, you wrote:

>Gertchen1@aol.com has been writing:
>>Now, a word about "Battlestar Galactica". many people may joke about this,
>>but unfortunately it is frighteningly real. If the russians could create a
>>warship and actually get it into space, that would make them superior to
>Who are "us"?
>With current Russian economy, they'll be happy if they can afford enough
>money to participate in the International Space Station.
>If the Russians would start making a 1 mile long starship, there would be
>plenty of time for "us" to notice their plans and catch up with them.

Hell even with us paying them for their parts they still can't contribute
their sections.

>>Now, saying that it's common sense to assume that there is other life
>>us, isn't a wise precaution to assume that there is life out there that is
>>hostile? I dunno about you, but I would much rather go into an unknown
>>with guns ready, and lots of armor than to go into a system saying "hi! I
>>wanna be your friend!" only to discover this race of being shoot, then
>>again, shoot again, and ask no questions later.
>If they are an advanced culture, then even with our most advanced weapons,
>we are no match for them. If they aren't an advanced culture, then obviously
>there's no danger. The chance that they are similarly advanced as we are is
>so small that I think it is not worth bothering about. (Besides that, if
>they are at a similar technological stage, we would have received radio
>signals from them.)

As a nit, even unadvanced animals could pose a MAJOR danger.  Did you know
some folks think T-Rex's might have hunted in packs?

First rule of old explorers.  Where ever you go, bring a BIG gun!  ;)