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RE: starship-design: Drag

Maybe this is a reference to the sponge-like 3-d maps drawn of galaxy
positions?  Sounds like it. Of course, if that's what were talking about
here then it's not useful for a scoop-drive.  We're talking very
different scales.
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> Hello Lee,
> >I have seen a density map of our "local bubble" and the several
> "bubbles" 
> >around it. The area of the bubble which you would consider the
> surface can 
> >get pretty dense. The area within the bubbles are thin, and to  make 
> >matters more unpredictable, they aren't homogeneous, that is, the
> density 
> >varies somewhat even within the bubble, and there are "rivers"
> running 
> >through them.
> This is interesting. I wonder how this information was obtained.
> I'm eager to read more about it.
> Timothy