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RE: starship-design: FTL


> But you have to remember that "instantaneous" is a relative notion.
> Assuming relativity is valid and there are no special frames of
> reference, what you can do is thrust a little bit (sublight)
> before making your trip back.
> With your new frame of reference, "instantaneous" correlates
> different points in space-time.  When you "instantaneously"
> travel back, you travel back instantly in your _new_ frame of
> reference.  This will let you travel back to meet yourself
> before you left.

Ahh, there is the point though, it lies in the concept of simultaneity, 
which really depends on whether space-time is Minkowskian or Galiliean 
doesn't it? Despite the lack of proof for or against either one, I 
prefer Galilean because a) time is absolute and b) I can understand it
without getting a headache...<G>