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RE: starship-design: FTL


> Now, Isaac has been chiding me for being somewhat confused about the
> notions of unique time ordering and causality, which I'll admit to
> having played too loosely with.  Observer-dependent time ordering isn't
> the same as causality violation, and Isaac has explained that difference
> pretty well in recent examples.  However, I do think it's accurate to
> say that if you claim to be able to link events separated by a spacelike
> interval, then you can construct causality violation under the right
> conditions.

I was going to try to rephrase the question yet again, but I confused myself!

Umm, by any chance does time have a negative value under FTL? That seems to 
be what is happening. If it is strictly a product of frame of reference I
don't get it. 

Definitions of instantaneous vs. simultaneous aside, unless time can assume 
a negative value, I don't see how you can get back before you left even with 
FTL. For that matter, something someone said about photons travelling at 
infinite speed which totally confused me comes back to mind, something about
NOW...never mind, I can't stand relativity, probably why I am only an