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starship-design: Re: Paradox

Clarification:  When I presented those three time travel possibilities,
the difference I meant to specify between B) and C) was that in B) the
universe you leave continues to exist, while in C) it is destroyed.

In C) I did not mean that the universe would then proceed identically
the second time around; whoever travels back in time can survive and
change things around as reality unfolds again.

As for the infinite-universe idea, there are some very good philisophical
reasons why it's very improbable.  After all, people we know behave in
predicable ways some of the time.  Why would this be if we're in one of
many universes?  Every past decision made by anyone would be random; there
would be no pattern to human behavior.  It's a strong argument against
the many-worlds idea.

Finally, I agree with Issac that there is a link between quantum mechanics
and time travel.  But I currently think that it is not quantum that allows
reverse-causality, but rather reverse-causality that creates quantum effects.