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RE: starship-design: PseudoScience?

> From: "L. Parker" <lparker@cacaphony.net>
> Zenon,
> My apologies, I was reading his quote in your message, or was it the 
> other way around?
His quote in my message. 
My reply was:

I am not a specialist in relativity, so I go by the opinion
of specialists in that field. Steve is one (at leat far better than me ;-).
I may say, that there is at least a "not forbidden" evidence -
current physical theories of space-time are tested at very many 
points in the range of their applicability, and nothing in them
prevents the possibility of macroscopic objects flying near light speed.
And being contracted/time dilated at that. 
Of course, we cannot be sure.
But because it fits into a theory otherwise very well tested,
we can be many times more sure that it will work that way
than not - the latter claim backed only by a word of honor
of certain Kyle Mcallister  ;-)

-- Zenon