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starship-design: Mailer problems


You wrote

>Kyle and Zenon,
>Kyle, could you please find a mail editor that is not a text attachment
device? It is like you are coming through a bulletin board system and I know
there are plenty of on line systems in your area, I'm in your area. It is
real hard to quote you when all I get is a text attachment, it takes a lot
of cut and paste activity, and I have to work for a living, I DON'T have the

Well, I've the feeling that you've an old or simple Email programme. If I
reply letters to you and my Email-programme adds quotation marks > then the
above is the result. (Only one quote per sentence instead of per line)

The reason that Kyle's letters are attached when you receive them is likely
because he uses "charset = koi8-r" in his netscape mailer. Hime changing to
a more regualar font might help.